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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  November 4, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PST

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what we inducted into the mix of everyday life in china. and jocelyn to underline the word cult of the inborn. for that of the totem or consider what that he'll end up eating money matters. forget
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the debt collectors are stored in our question today what they should have tipped off of her dorky the recorder will talk with the cost of clothing and gear with chinese leaders how to pray about it. won two in development of a cookie at the bay bridge to pay for teachers of their communication tool. but before all that. let's take a look at the top right like in china. first up and she wonders for corporate earnings hundred dollars for a holiday. november eleven has become a well known informal holiday in china before one numerical form of the day i become symbolic for title single day. popular with delivered the holiday inn to go shopping online with the upcoming holiday most online shops are busy with the holiday promotion this is old but good business related market the per target for the specialized in shooting the puck or model holden product has seen their salaries go up to the large number of products that need to be updated and advertise like the stuff recently. most private photographers are getting more job opportunities. the payment for such job opportunities
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and to the thirty percent rise from the usual cali for them. before november the daily cal it for photographer was right behind you at one hundred third us dollars. and recently most of them have charged over a hundred fifty to three hundred us dollars the sale of product online and through social media is catching the eye of consumers especially dose of professional pictures of the product. even though the cost of hiring a photographer is broken link and that most online shop owners are willing to pay for high quality food. next up the national business daily housing prices than one hundred major chinese cities fee increases for seventeen consecutive month. china india to cap his latest report showed that in october housing price one hundred china's major cities have increased by one point two four percent compared to the previous month the average housing price reached ten thousand seven hundred rent per square meter or about a hundred sixty us dollars per square foot
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the seventeenth consecutive month with the increase in june of two thousand twelve among the city's tendon and beijing and other housing price increases among. at the beginning of the year multiple city government have been on average to control growth rate. the goal to have a growth rate lower than the rate that the city are increasing. that hadn't worked on them yet though housing prices and fifteen cities have already detailed increase of over ten percent to make it impossible for them to achieve that goal with only two months left in the year of the defendant that the government intended to be trying to implement tougher housing restrictions to control housing prices the local government has announced the increase the minimum for how the down payment to seventy percent are multiple homeowners market insiders question is can actually make a difference. finally from the beijing is polluted air didn't lead to increased sales for air cleaners. in the winter northern cities like beijing after due to worsening air pollution keyboard for the inflated
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home turn on their heaters here's one more energy needs of the year. the pollution resulting from the change in content. i screamed and opportunities for those looking to combat pollution recently filled the air cleaners and dm two point five mm after many stores and supermarkets told the tv screen. a corner store owners and supermarket managers the average price for air cleaner conducted on the men's one thousand six hundred dollars for each one more than ten thousand air cleaners can be told i'm one day especially on hot air pollution day. in order to attract more consumers. many supermarkets have turned up promotions advertising air cleaners. comparing air cleaners. the pm two point five not appear to be more popular among consumers the price of the map also varies from about two dollars to kick the street when the activity parramatta have been a popular choice the site and composition of the particles in what the source of most of the pollution from combustion and traffic. don't go away
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because of extra money matters were talking the peanut supermarket kitchen. well many of china's go to the blogger could not stop. many have started turning aggression towards other day when the company multiple thirty story building started making up the division. her short hallway to read chinese consumers. they offer convenient feel and quality un team before the country for brands like airport in walmart top china's rising middle class is a prime player and a future stock value. they made big moves to build toward the build their brand throughout the country some domestic brand older model to something worth replicating the similarities to whom are in walmart might have even been adopted its stockholders of care. some of the domestic brands were able to take advantage of their home field advantage by picking ideal location the captain glorification and being likable local kill
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people. before there were these massive supermarket people go to mom and pop shops. the store's been wiped out or diminished in value due to large corporate competition popping up here by them. product suppliers to the aggression of the team and because of the leveraged deals and willing to take low profit margin. also the big doors were opened and better marketing and selling the product. now with the mom pop shops on the way they were able to limit the level of competition they need to pay. we're now able to further their point of leverage which product complies with better point of leverage thinking that extra piece to apply for a general understanding of supermarket when you know that supermarkets charge applies to the paper they're going to use in their stores. stores also make money selling the product. the chinese media release that the new product supplier want to cooperate with the copper market in large cities like beijing and we need to pay twenty five percent of its profit in one your supermarket. meanwhile to be
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required to pay extra fees the supermarket. most of the market usually charge promotion piece which rely much on the clock. but in fact the money is not used for milk products. the money goes toward the supermarket net income which might indirectly go toward russia in facing corporate many supermarkets for years. in the past two years. it ended its cooperation with the supermarket. get your feet hit the supermarket like wal mart kept getting bigger at times they would be drinking beer total fail dipping them in and of the company. are you talking to the company's situation are you human. in july of two thousand the lead in the company paid the promotion to one adorable hundred and thirty thousand dollars to control the climate it from july to the eleventh of september two thousand twelve to reach more than two hundred and ten thousand dollars and forty thousand dollars of which were used for a barcode others. tokyo catwalk during
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that time only got to one hundred and five it indicates that about one year's time covington had any profit that has erupted. there was no offer of up to twenty five thousand dollars again. in addition to the huge commotion be some big supermarket also taken a proper to filter by compliant the company's manager from tipping over when they signed contract that will mark the supermarket to the lord the keepers of the profits from the tail. it meant that it doesn't matter if the business will struggle to comprehend what money to supermarket. don't go away because will continue to look at supermarket be taken welcome back to china for clutch in today's money matters were talking the supermarket heat the charges have increased pressure on supermarket. in order to make a profit. many product suppliers to increase their prices to be free to walk the thing that long suppliers can leverage the supermarket. the price
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will go up. if the prices go up to consumers who need it anymore. while the big supermarket chains will keep on earning more. report showed that the promotion he almost accounted for about twenty percent of the supermarket total income the report would reach more than forty percent income big supermarket. to that new kind of team had become a major part of supermarket profit the supermarkets are interested in giving of the feed any kind. when most product apply to complain about the cute little peanut the market all to express their views on it. many supermarkets claimed that the cost of retail products continue to rise. they had increased all their feet to keep up their profit the concert with a twenty percent increase in two thousand london for personnel the renters market also rose by fifteen percent in two thousand eleven. they have many friends to deal with the ectopic. on third and two sisters transportation utilities and maintenance. a large chunk of revenue
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the promotion to the dump with a double first thing i did they have to market started relying on computers and formulas more often. we are able to reach new levels of efficiency. don't give a reason to raise their fees to cover the cost of that american supermarkets began charging fees of about three hundred fifty dollars product suppliers. they are able to get a bit defeated the supermarket on how to put a bar code on each one. later on the deeper meaning tagged me for showing promoting and selling product the supermarket. but now complete to come out of the car. the peas and some chinese supermarket. many suppliers claim that these are reasonable. although chinese law began permitting supermarket charge a fee for advertising and management than two dozen for the peak of four defeated the pot. did that because it discourages many suppliers from property with supermarket. the tall tree to pray for the retail market. chinese supermarkets have no intention to change it again for now. but
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the product of the pantry shelves for supply to find a better leverage point that nothing will change. however the tories might be missing on the major source of profit by a weeding out the pliers i can afford the fees that are products are hot sellers in the supermarket scanner more from them. by improving the supply chain supermarkets might feel the kick off their feet and a decent variety of products. don't go wake up next request today for the amazing about the supermarket. he's taken and now time for question today. if they continue with their take on issues affecting their lives. today we had people must read about their top up fees that but supermarket. local people i'd say about the current situation and in time to market charging plan to keep my feet up. but that may need
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a much more money to maintain the daily operation. why is this an issue that could fall through the depression to resemble that remark it with pride that comes to read i need to add to an end and we've been watching the market and suppliers for promotion need. i keep patients like note to clients who can provide good quality the price should be on the computer. i usually go this is the key weekend. read related news which supermarkets charge to planners extra piece unacceptable. the most important criterion of products. good quality. type product without any worries the market should also consider its suppliers the good in the distant supply i repeat about it. i don't know much de camp to nineteen and not drinkable like it should not charge to apply it to the mortgage. why
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they should be rich. the word go. i don't really know about it in terms of promotion piece. it's not unreasonable supermarket should not do this. some supermarkets do that. there anymore. overall texture. these are acceptable he says he didn't mind going to be the one kid he went to target. the man. the key mark warner week ago that trend screen above the law and china. on today's show was the white clothing and china. he played through the us and chinese users have the thing about it. while many might give him that everything will be china's cheap. those who live in china's big cities know better. well time has certainly become more of the world's wealthiest countries. the hygiene eco
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efficient. this means that the rich got richer and the rest are still far below china's economic development is often criticized for being too in depth and focus critic of them will be less frequent the country if the consumption figures to go but greater percentage of total gdp. china's economy is very export driven which is y'know at the factory the world. its current use and on the dollar to make it to cheaper when purchased by buyers abroad. the concrete export figures and thus the chinese economy. that many of you could've made in china would make sense to him that you can get them for keeping the country. despite their rationale. it's actually hard to get cheap right clothing in china for chinese people. chinese local newspapers beagle weekly friday report the console to compete with st lucia the company to market survey comparing the cost of five hundred clothing items up to the chinese and us clothing brand. the report found that the average closing price in china seventy percent higher
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than in the us. when the situation. market insiders point out the major reason for the price the rising cost of raw material labor force and shop rental for the biggest factors. all these factors increased production costs including manufacturing. that eventually carried over to retell market. add legal weekly report the first actor to the rising cost of raw materials. this is your time is was like that. over twenty percent increase comped to last year. this directly drove up and cried technically manufacturing companies in china. the thing to hide that mobility rate to keep the flow worker stable clothing company to increase the knowledge workers and a twenty percent apart from the production process. the rising cost of the retail market have also been significant. many chinese shopping mall have increased the rent. some clothing companies involved have been higher than the opinion year's turnover to maintain revenue the table level shopping mall to bring the turnover of every clothing store the look with the chorus he
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picked out a shopping mall it became the position from us. therefore to keep the doors open. the price you could need to go up. some even double or triple their closing price. i kinda finance report. if they keep their prices down to make smaller profit will have trouble competing with foreign companies. they choose increase prices the chinese consumers would rather buy corn bran. to much with too broad. chinese people might get to see chinese made products with low quality and cheaper. if their prices begin to increase. the were rabbit ears i care for brett. when goods are more valued in china than domestic product the comics have better pricing power. therefore for brent came to their image in the country that cares for my dad. in the confusion the clothing is already more expensive compared to domestic good. chinese internet users share their pain. the high closing prices in china one row quo. i'm too scared to look at closing price tag. now they're not telling it the robbing us another way but you don't
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think the high closing prices in china. i don't think the store including prices are due to the increasing cost of raw material labor force or even rent. the major regions of government. that thirteen percent consumption tax is four times higher than in japan. the guiding others the total tax on clothes and reached a forty percent. my one hundred un clothing imported un is paid to the chinese government. due to high tax burden would definitely drive the closing price. overwhelmed with what you are still being felt people in the rapidly increasing closing price of one chinese people wanting to show up one row quilt clothing prices ninety nine un one really good purchase but the price tag team to nine hundred ninety nine un and fifty percent off into the fold after five to consider taking advantage of that. some chinese people always prefer buying the product. finally we believe these are concluded what a miraculous country cuba learning your calories
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they're buying products that are much more expensive than in the us. china clothing industry. we don't protect we're forced into products that have been changes the fashion industry and our famous chinese designer but not until can come to think is right for the designer start targeting chinese customers on a large scale moving on now to get upright we find out how well they seem to understand the cost of living had people the street didn't get the price supermarkets charge of product suppliers in a week. but take a look at the geffen. medieval drinking tea. twenty different communities. and to be anything. q high. by night
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against the promotion he might need thousand dollars just for one year. too expensive. why did most of what the church discipline. a guy. suppliers may be charged about eight thousand dollars at me. i think it's reasonable. i think the market made on the right time when he heard that suppliers are too many extra feet. the chicken market manufacturing data. i'm thinking product suppliers knee pain about fifteen thousand to eighty two thousand dollars to supermarket meat and extra teeth are not reasonable while it is a lot. want to be cool commercial transaction the supermarket i cannot tell the kids. in a competent to comment. i can't charge protect the wider impact your teeth in the new
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printable coupon week and i've no idea about it. why can't she played hooky and how the couple others. do we go shopping. the report. i'll close the gap the supermarket or money by taking a percentage of the prophet doesn't apply to products the author get money by charging a fee for putting the product under shell these are all for promotion and parker palmer's report have charged two hundred thousand dollars for twenty years he. and now it's time for development of that reading keeper and some of the question shaping the future empress of china today will discuss who should pay for the school the family communication ca the commonly used phrase in chinese. but that one would have to ban urged patients to one of a better life in future. with that in mind that a lot of pressure put on chinese children to do well in school. parents often highly involved learning process. in order to improve the effective education communication between schools and families have been
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getting a lot of attention as mobile communication has become popular in recent years. more parents are choosing to use mobile phones have the best way to reach teachers. simple enough you for contacting schools are becoming popular again the draft by the communication platform for teachers and parents many schools to teach them a communication tool for actually welcome i'm a parent local media reported. each student charged one hundred yuan around fifty dollars per semester for using these at fifteen dollars the very tiny than for most qantas jet however corny calculations from attending government often. there are more than one point five million campaign that kind of peace nearly twenty nine million dollars for the new school the family communication platforms each year. that has accumulated amount of copy attention of the who should pay for this program is being discussed. daily sunshine the largest newspapers and jack. a critical article published by the uk for
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support to a difficult thing for communication between teachers and parents. schools are responsible for improving the quality of education. but for the mobile communication platforms. schools need to communicate with parents by visiting their home. it also cost him a lot of human resources and money. the new apt was just because it will work. convoy support and yet the coverage of paper to education to do that the article pointed out that i get pretty lousy the government financing comes from taxpayers pocket money from the government has been asking taxpayers to pay the makers of the. it's unfair to a large number of taxpayers without children in school. really looking from a comment or send in daily to get a different solution. and of course the trip tried to make huge profit behind communication platforms. any method is pretty cheap in china. one of his only top ten chinese and cruel went to queue with them. if the teachers and three messages on average
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the parent looking into everyday in the total cost for four months meant to be left with the content. we'll think of school to earn huge profits from overcharging dollars ticket for each student meal and the fact that schools will be blamed for making a profit. we'll think of it. here is awful to make people pay for the service. he suggested a better solution to increase social networks like qq are we to these kinds of social networks are widely used by most chinese people already most people can afford it because they only charge a network the real thing. so when the communication between school and family have nothing to do a profit in the second education could really be improved by communication. achieving affected communication between schools and families to improve the quality of education offered. cover with small in the way it will happen there considering what the extra services are really worth it. okay that's all we have time for the day that
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the china price what to expect them to the latest on the cost of living in china until then you can do any of the episode online at the un deputy on god for them. zz you. which i did. i do it too hard and found to cause maximum mature. the gist
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really didn't show it to provide a vision. you can do this yet. it was time to time the judicial duties. it will just. what could be confirmed here are what cause the earth. the shaving cream and work on top of the more difficult than he did not count our dog since available to those saints of the school you're not good quality stuff of the two chain or email complaint that. you all are interested to see russell and up to. we're going to assume that the new monaro street received awesome and i go some good to go get aborted record store your needles to use key goes to his skin leaving until more people don't think that a competitor can offer. due to the abandoned on a greased commodities to be in total he took a moment to me from old
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fort that the yes on tuesday we took advantage of them the deal the city of nanaimo but warmed to her closer to the market in the name of kimmorley and the doctor. and no more the news of up to the hit bbc movie he goes on you should join the newly increased to more good system for them to mourn goal. when confronted on the paid up to the mall to meet them or did you hear only the new increased available die. an awesome place. what the reason it didn't make the story because it is just coming to an all in the army's new system i knew the tune. the road. i am. i
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should. i don't. welcome to a secure world as light and shadow tawny and tokyo a japanese government official says it's times to be had had more hands on in cleaning up after the fruit to shimon nuclear accident chief cabinet secretary if she does see this as state efforts could include paying for work server radioactive material from seoul. in two d commission reactors at the cripple plan. laden with


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